Advanced technology

Specialists at WIPA CHEMICALS INTERNATIONAL, the producer and research center of ECOSYN LUBRICANTS, developed an extensive range of high quality synthetic lubricants. The product range is constantly updated to meet the ever increasing demands from equipment manufacturers and users.

Quality first

At the production facilities in EVERGEM (Belgium) quality is the key to reach optimum reliability and production control.


In each region commercial and technical staff are available to support the customer and the OEM to reach a maximum of efficiency in the equipment. To set up testprograms and to evaluate results in close cooperation with the laboratory.

Lubrication survey

We are experts in performing lubrication surveys in order to find the most suitable lubricants for the customers equipment. At the same time we develop systems to monitor quality and prevent and/or predict possible equipment failure.


The laboratory has several functions: Checking incoming raw materials. Quality control of finished products. Research and Development. Customers Support.